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Project: Agency Holiday Short Film

Agency Holiday Short Film

Year: 2011

Santa’s Little Helpers Save Christmas

What happens when Infuz leaves their kids to run the agency and an RFP shows up from the North Pole? It’s the perfect storm for hilarious, holiday filled hi-jinks, one-liners and tantrums. Santa Inc.® has ordered the crew to increase brand loyalty and believability on a national scale. Are the Kidfuzers up to the challenge?

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This was an all-agency project that lead in late 2011. We brainstormed on a ton of different options from social media applications to live stunts. We wanted something that would reflect Infuzer culture, while taking a jab at this profession we continue to love, even when it beats us down from time to time. Our initial pitch: what if we created a “bad santa” character who asks kids what they want for Christmas, then only gives them clichéd digital marketing advice? The kids’ reactions would be entertaining, simply from the sheer dumbfounded look on their faces. The worse the advice, the more the entertainment.

“You know what you need, Tommy? Google places for your friends to hang out with you.”

“Hey kid, you need a coupon to build a larger fan base.”

After a bit of debate, we flipped the delivery of the advice. Instead, the kids would dish out the marketing advice. Maybe the kids are trying to pitch an idea to a client. Yeah, that’s the ticket. How hard could that be to shoot something like that? Hell, what if we got our own children to pitch a funny set of ideas to Santa? (And you can follow the trail from there.)

They say never work with children or pets in Hollywood. Luckily we took on a set of kids that were really stellar to work with and a lot of fun. I handled the creative direction, the editing of the film itself, and directing the actors during the multi-day shoot. A labor of love, so I wanted to share. The full film is about 10 minutes long, so if you want to watch it, please do!

Big thanks to Sufjan Stevens and Asthmatic Kitty Records for an amazing score. Look for Sufjan’s other Christmas albums at