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Project: The Dark Knight Vault

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    The Dark Knight Vault was unlocked with your phone number, once you ordered anything from Domino's. This could have been a call in order or a web order. The backend kept an archive of customers for 48 hours.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    Inside the website, the interface was an interactive wall of "wild postings" from Gotham. Users could select from the four key features to dive in further.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    The instant win game featured a limited edition Xbox with a Dark Knight skin and copies of the script autographed by Christopher Nolan.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    The instant win game was built on specific answers based on the server's algorithm that established the prize before the cards were even shuffled. We had a 3D artist animate the custom card deck and game play.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    In-store POS: Poster signage.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    Every day or so, new winners would pop up on the map. We taped a couple of them but had photos of all of the winners.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    I handled the site architecture and userflow plan for the sweepstakes entry and registration. I worked with the client's IT team and our development team to insure data was captured in a secured fashion.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    Users that wanted to play the instant-win game against the joker had to register and become a member of

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    We created a send to a friend flash e-card. What started out as a "follow the card" game turns into a scare prank.

  • The Dark Knight Vault

    Warner Bros. provided a lot of cool extras including an exclusive trailer of the movie that wasn't available anywhere else. For fanboys, it was pretty cool at the time.

The Dark Knight Vault

Year: 2008

This promotional campaign was one of my favorite projects I got to work on because I had access to amazing content and we had the chance to integrate a lot of different promotional features with great partners. Managing the in-store POS to the design, development, and launch of a microsite with a registration system linked to Domino’s CRM system wasn’t an easy task, but it was a success for the brand and my team.

Explore the Vault (Demo Site)



Domino’s wanted to increase its online order business over the summer, a time when people are generally outdoors and barbecuing and it’s hard for pizza restaurants to get consumer attention. The quick-serve restaurant partnered with the biggest movie of the summer — The Dark Knight — to reach its 18 to 29-year-old audience.

As the Creative Director overseeing Domino’s, my team designed and built The Dark Knight Vault — an experiential site that used the restaurant’s Pizza Tracker as the entry gate. Orders placed through entertained visitors by allowing them to break into The Dark Knight Vault and get the ultimate Batman experience. If you’re going to wait 30 minutes for your pizza, might as well be entertained with exclusive content and the chance to win unique prizes. (And yes, you got to play cards against the Joker for a limited edition Dark Knight Xbox 360.)

To generate nationwide interest, Momentum also launched the Dark Knight $10K Giveaway where 21 people — one customer per day — won $10,000 over a period of 21 days. People were automatically entered for that’s day’s $10,000 prize when they ordered a Gotham City Pizza.

One of 21 Winners of the Dark Knight $10K Giveaway

One of 21 Winners of the Dark Knight $10K Giveaway

Winners received their money from a branded Gotham National Bank armored truck along with their delivered pizza. An interactive map inside the Dark Knight Vault allowed customers to track the winners and watch photos and videos of their surprise delivery. Consumers entertained themselves with the Vault for an average of 17:33 minuteswhile they waited for their pizzas. My team created a digital e-card to prank friends, custom Dark Knight wallpapers, and received a new exclusive Dark Knight trailer that only could be seen inside the Vault. (Warner Bros. was a great partner to work with.)

In the end, Sales from Domino’s online order system and pizza tracker increased 6% during The Dark Night promotion and Domino’s sold roughly 1.5 million Gotham City Pizzas. More than 40% of site visitors registered with for future communications.


2009 Gold W3 Awards — Domino’s The Dark Knight
Two Categories: Visual Appeal and Food Beverage.

Bronze Promo PRO Award — Domino’s The Dark Knight Best Loyalty Program or Shopper Rewards 2009

Bronze Promo PRO Award — Domino’s The Dark Knight – Best Premium-Based Promotion 2009

Honorable Mention Promo PRO Award — Domino’s The Dark Knight Best Use of Game, Contests and Sweepstakes 2009

2009 ADDY: Gold [Local], Silver [Regional]
Domino’s The Dark Knight – Interactive Media, Online Campaign