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Project: Sesame Place Redesign

  • Sesame Place Redesign

    The homepage needed to be flexible enough to showcase new promotions and offers while highlighting key park events.

  • Sesame Place Redesign
  • Sesame Place Redesign
  • Sesame Place Redesign
  • Sesame Place Redesign

Sesame Place Redesign

Year: 2009

A few years ago, Busch Entertainment Corporation ask Momentum to participate in the RFP for the redesign of I was internally “recruited” to take help manage the creative proposal and pitch the redesign of this iconic theme park.

Many Tourists come to Sesame Place as part of their vacation experience when they visit Philadelphia. While Sesame Place is on their itinerary, it is probably not the only trip activity. Online, needed to provide tools and information that are relevant for a day of play rather than focus on getaway vacation planning.

The key focus was to reboot their old website completely. It had a navigation bar built with Flash, which made updates incredibly hard. Key events and promotions were never updated quick enough because of workflow issues, so they needed an easy CMS. I handled art direction and design of the core templates, as well as developing their site architecture and user flows. We simplified the navigation, integrated Passport Members more, and encouraged visitors to share their experiences on the site. And of course, this all had to be done with the Sesame Place Brand DNA in mind, staying relevant and fun to the park experience. (the primary product is Sesame Place, not Sesame Street).

Though it’s been a couple of years, the site architecture is still very similar to what we launched with and the site and park continue to grow. continues to make it as easy for out-of-state tourists and locals to plan their visit to the park.