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Project: Tidy Cats Litter Selector

  • Tidy Cats Litter Selector

    While the original application was design and built in Flash, we simplified the interaction but achieved the same results through a linear series of questions.

  • Tidy Cats Litter Selector

    The original Litter Selector, which is still live on, was one of the most popular sections on the brand website.

  • Tidy Cats Litter Selector

    When visiting, the website detects the device to switch them to the mobile friendly version for all smart phones and tablets.

Tidy Cats Litter Selector

Year: 2008, 2011

As the Digital Agency of Record for Purina Tidy Cats, Infuz produced a wide variety of work over the years for America’s top litter brand. As a cat owner, if you’ve ever walked down the pet aisle in your typical “big box” chain, you’re probably not too sure what cat litter fits your pet’s needs. Actually, it comes down to the owner, since the human is cleaning up the box.

Infuz recognized that cat owners needed help determining which litter formulas were right for their homes. To satisfy customer needs, we created an interactive Litter Selector on, a Flash application that walks the consumer though the criteria, asking questions in an engaging and intuitive interface, and making product recommendations in real-time. The Litter Selector quickly because one of the top visited sections of the website, but we had to rethink the application for mobile devices. The key decision point is in the store, right in the aisle. But most smart phones couldn’t access the Flash application so we had to fix the problem we started.

Due to budget restrictions and timing, we had to move quickly. My team created a mobile friendly version of the Litter Selector, asking the same key questions in a linear format. Through a responsive design approach, we made sure the application was accessible for all smart phone and tablet devices, helping cat owners find the perfect litter to fit their lifestyle.

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