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Project: UX Karma Presentation

UX Karma Presentation

Year: 2011

Good UX Karma: Guiding Principles to Simpler, Easier, Happier Design

People are busier than ever. The UX karmic cycle can create positive experiences for them, which in turn drives business. We’ll point to ten specific principles for making your users’ lives easier — UX Mantras that can bring change for good. From typography to spacing to plain language, we’ll keep it fast, simple, and packed with common sense to make your users happier and your business stronger.

I wrote this with Ryan Swarts, our UX Architect and Art Director at Infuz, for our presentation at the 2011 STL UX Conference. I’ve applied this philosophy in much of the UX work we do at Infuz and how we work. If designers and writers create with empathy for the user, these principles become second nature when developing user centered solutions for digital interfaces. It’s not rocket science and I’m not the first, but I came up with the term for it all and it just stuck.